Rower, reader and writer. She saw beyond the stars and worked hard making our world a better place

Learn about Baraka and her Foundation

Baraka Khan Visitor Gallery, honouring the legacy of Baraka Iftekhar Khan (1991-2016), is a partnership between the Baraka Khan Foundation and the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre, to bring communities together, increase cross-cultural dialogue, and create a safe space of learning for people of all faiths and none.

A vision to create an inclusive space in the heart of the Muslim community, inside Britain’s busiest mosque, came to realise The Baraka Khan Visitor Gallery. A cross cultural hub that is not only a space for prayer and reflection but an open centre for the world, to learn, meet and celebrate.

A graduate of Emmanuel College Cambridge in Politics, Psychology and Sociology, Baraka always intended to use her education to create a better world.  She had a deep devotion to faith, to her family and friends, and to her country – Britain.

Baraka had the innate ability to connect with people from all backgrounds; are flection of inclusiveness, inspiring those around her to do good and strive for excellence. Diagnosed with incurable lung cancer shortly after graduating, she fought with strength and dignity. She never gave up, always thinking about what good she could leave behind.

Her compassion for others continues to transcend, touching the hearts of all who learn of her story.

The Baraka Khan Foundation was formed after the immediate passing of Baraka, February 2016, with the aim of continuing her legacy in the pursuit for excellence, being inspired by faith, and working for an inclusive and better world.

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